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The Development Office is here to help you maintain a lasting relationship with your alma mater. Through newsletters, the school website, social networking websites, and events, we help you stay in touch with your classmates. With Alumni News, we keep you updated on how our grads continue to impact the community and the world.

Haven't toured CLHS in a while? Stop by the office during the school week for a tour of the facility--be sure to check out the Noah Korte flag memorial, the Hawks’ Nest and our cafeteria. Also our floors have just been refinished and you can see updates all around campus that give glory to God!

You are always a member of the Cal Lu family! Let your C-Hawk pride show--stay connected, keep in touch, and come home often!


Because the California Lutheran ministry was and continues to be an integral part of the lives of our alumni, our grads ultimately carry on that ministry by...
  • praying for God's blessing on the ministry at CLHS.

  • extending positive word of mouth into their communities.

  • sharing stories (to encourage others) about their love for CLHS.

  • sharing stories (to encourage others) about how they are living their faith.

  • encouraging current students.

  • enrolling their children/grandchildren at CLHS (and/or federation grade school).

  • providing on-site help to make CLHS projects and events as successful as possible.

  • giving feedback on what we can do better.


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