Our Story

Mission & Objectives
Molding the Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

Empowered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, California Lutheran High School exists to educate, to encourage, and to equip young men and women for life and for eternity.

In the pursuit of our mission, California Lutheran High School will:

  • Promote spiritual growth and Christian service among all members of the campus family,

  • Provide an exceptional faith-based, college-prep educational program,

  • Preserve a distinctively Christian school culture,

  • Prepare lifelong disciples of Christ who serve their future families, churches, and communities with their God-given gifts,

  • Prompt the WELS/ELS students to consider the noble goal of the full-time teaching and preaching ministries,

  • Propound opportunities for Christian service, athletic competition, and the arts through which students can develop varied interests, and

  • Pilot students through a comprehensive program to equip them for Christian leadership in their future families, churches, and careers.

Vision Statement

California Lutheran High School will serve a growing multi-national student body with Christ-centered classical education built upon our common Lutheran confession of faith.

All About the Cross

Can you imagine the front of our Education Center without its large stained-glass cross? In its original design, the cross was not there at all. The planning process of the building brought about quite a few changes from the original design. After some discussion at a meeting it was decided that, even though the additional expense would be significant, the cross was important.

Sharing God's Word with hundreds of students. Working with families and congregations to mold them into Christian leaders in their homes, their congregations, and their workplaces has always been our mission.

What's so important about an oddly shaped window? Quite simply, without any words at all, it tells what we're all about. 

For our entire history our school has been...ALL...about the Cross. Many things have, and will continue to change at California Lutheran High School. We will, however, always be...All About the Cross.