Molding the Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

From time to time it is healthy to ask yourself the questions: What am I doing, and why am I doing it? So let’s do that from the perspective of the California Lutheran High School Association (CLHSA).

What are we doing? Simply stated, we in the CLHSA are maintaining an accredited high school with quality teachers and quality facilities. We have a college-prep curriculum, an athletic program with a history of excellence, and professional-level programs in the arts. Students who graduate from CLHS go on to colleges both large and small; join the dedicated military personnel in the armed forces; or jump right into the world’s work force. That is what we do.


Along with that, however, comes a budget that is over $1.3 million. Running high schools is risky business these days. Liability issues persist. Lawsuits seem par for the course. Vandals deface the otherwise well-kept buildings. This ministry takes time, energy, and financial support from hundreds of people.

So, why do we do it? There must be a reason that so many people make so many sacrifices. You can answer that question as well as I can. We are doing this in response to the Lord’s great commission spoken to us through the apostle Matthew. We are, in some cases, “making disciples of all nations.” We are “teaching them to obey everything I [Jesus] have commanded you.”

We are doing more than simply educating teens. We are molding the Christian leaders of tomorrow. Isaiah 64:8 says, “We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” God created us, loved us, and sent Jesus to die for our eternal salvation. That is the message that is taught in all classes and activities at CLHS. From the classroom to the locker room, the chapel to the team huddle, the dormitories to the hallways, Jesus’ love is there. CLHS teachers use the Word of God to faithfully apply His truths to the lives of teens. What better way to mold the Christian leaders of tomorrow than with the inerrant Holy Scriptures?

We, at California Lutheran High School,  have reason to live. We are part of something very special and meaningful. Parents have made wise choices in sending their teen to CLHS. You who support CLHS both financially and with your time and prayers are making a difference in the lives of the future Christian leaders.

Give Directly to CLHS

The Ministry of CLHS relies on the support of churches and individuals who value our work with teens. Listed below are a number of ways to use the blessings the Lord has given you to bless the ministry of CLHS.


Places to Give Directly to CLHS

  • Undesignated Freewill Offerings

  • Freewill Offerings Designated for the Operating Fund

  • Freewill Offerings Designated for the Building Fund

  • Adopt-A-Student Tuition Fund (from $500-$5,000 depending on need) - Assists students with established financial needs to pay for tuition

  • Association Student Grant ($3000 per year, $2000 per semester, $500 per quarter) - covers the cost difference between actual cost of education and tuition

  • Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund - Assists students with established financial needs to pay for tuition, for students who may have a sponsor

  • Building Fund

  • CLHSA Endowment Fund (Established 1991)


How Individuals May Give Directly to CLHS
  • Cash or Checks

  • Credit Card

  • Online

  • Stock (Appreciated Stock has extra tax advantage)

  • Bonds

  • Life Insurance

  • Estates/Bequests

  • Charitable Gifts (Trusts)

  • Non-Cash Gifts

  • Matching Gifts (e.g. employer matching gifts)


Timothy Treder


Director of Development


(951) 678-7000 ext 226


Jennifer Elgin

Development Secretary


(951) 678-7000 ext 230