International Student Fees

Fees for International Students

This page is written specifically to assist parents in understanding the cost of an international student attending California Lutheran High School. This page deals with student expenses and the payment of tuition and fees.

Resident International Student Expenses

Tuition Fee:            $19,675.00

Residence Fee:      $9,200.00

Enrollment Fee:    $3,090.00 [holds place in enrollment]

Application Fee:    $110.00 [non-refundable]



TOTAL FEES:           $32,075.00


Additional Fees

  • Athletic Participation -- Football $315; All Other Sports $215

  • Piano Lessons -- $300/semester

  • AP Exams -- $95/test

  • Online Courses through CLHS -- $260/semester

  • Includes 1 trip to SAT and TOEFL per year.  Additional trips of distance more than 15 miles will be charged a travel fee.