The Benefits of Volunteering
Why? What's In It for Me?

Volunteering is an act of spending time and providing unpaid work or service.  It demonstrates a love for your fellow men, allows you to give a tithe of self and develops feelings that you are part of something bigger than oneself.


But, why?  Why get/be involved by volunteering? Here are some reasons to consider:


Volunteer For the Endless Learning Gained

• Develop Life Skills: Volunteering helps you learn new skills, keep your skills sharp or use existing skills in new ways as you gain work experience.

• Boost Confidence: Doing good for others provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Working with new people helps develop your confidence in interpersonal skills.

• Leadership: Sharpen your leadership skills by stepping up in a volunteer role and staying engaged in a work environment.

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Volunteering is good for your health!

•Stress Management: While you are opening up to people, it helps you stop thinking about yourself and your own problems.

•Positive Energy: There are tons of positive vibes surrounding you when helping others. A simple thank you received has the power to cheer you immeasurably.

•Build Brain Function: Challenging yourself in new ways builds upon your brains resources and creates new experiences for brain growth.

• Sense of Belonging: Volunteer for a feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself, a healthy sense of self-worth and the fellowship with others.


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Volunteering Builds Connections

• Career Development: Open doors and create opportunities to possible new business contacts, business ideas, mentors, potential employees or job openings. Volunteering assists in helping to build a professional network.

• Friendships: Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, work with an old friend and strengthen your skills of personal interactions.

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