CLIP Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students are rated on the following criteria:

  • Applications must be complete and include the main information form, Letters of recommendation, and non-refundable $110.00 fee (see application checklist for more details).

  • Transcripts must be in English and show above average academic ability.

  • SLEP of TOEFL test results.

  • SKYPE/internet video interview

  • Students must be English proficient and have the ability to function in a classroom where instruction is provided only in English.

  • Students must be responsible, honest, cooperative, demonstrate good character, display character and citizenship, and be respectful of others.

  • Students must be self-motivated, responsible for their own success, and able to prioritize and organize their time.

  • Applicants have a stronger application if they are entering California Lutheran High School at an earlier grade level and are committed to earning a diploma from California Lutheran High School. The longer a student is in the program, the greater the success rate of that individual student.


The California Lutheran High School admissions committee seeks a balance in representation with students from a variety of countries to create a living environment that facilitates developing conversational English. California Lutheran High School does not discriminate according to race, gender, or heritage; but reserves the right to accept and decline applicants in a manner that leads to the best learning environment for all students.