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Let’s use marshmallows to clean up oil spills

March 21st, 2013 by behnkekk · 1 Comment · Chemistry

Japanese researchers have made a new marshmallow like material that can mop up oil and be wrung out. They were experimenting with dimethyldimethoxysilane and methyltrimethoxysilaneand came up with a material with outstanding oil-absorbing and wide temperature stability. This material works because it is hydrophobic and flexible. When the oil is soaked up it can be wrung out and this marshmallow material can be reused. And it can with stand temps from 300˚C to -196˚C.

This would be a great way for oil spills to be cleaned up. It’s easy and effective, plus it can be reused when it’s done. This marshmallow material can also be used for other things as well, like waste-water treatment.

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  • parsegg

    Hello there my friend! Indeed I completely agree with you here. This a very fascinating discovery that could benefit us all in the future years to come. Sadly, this has a downfall as well. According to Kanamori, “You cannot produce a huge amount of the marshmallow by a continuous process.” This basically means that it will be quite the strenuous task to produce this substance quickly when the time comes for it to be in use. All in all yes it will help us, however; it has limitations stopping it from being as beneficial as it could be.


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