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Build a Nuclear Fusion Reactor? No Problem.

March 23rd, 2012 by bettstw · No Comments · Physics

Taylor Wilson, a seventeen year old boy, built a nuclear fusion reactor. He believes that this Nuclear Fusion reactor will solve our energy needs. He didn’t start building this reactor at seventeen, he started at twelve years of age instead. A genius? I think so. To even show how much of a genius this kid is he also won the Intel National Science of Engineering Award.

This kid, Taylor Wilson, also did some work for United States Homeland Security. His list of achievements go on and on, but what does this new Nuclear Fusion Reactor do? Well, as of right now, it can’t produce more energy than what he put in. However, it can do some interesting things. The original goal that Wilson had was to build a star in a jar. He’s quoted in saying “I started out with a dream to make a star in a jar, and I ended up … making things that I think can change the world.”

This seventeen year old will inspire other kids to do achievements that are very similar to his. Many comments regarding the video talked about how this is dangerous to his neighbors. Yes, it is, but you have to remember that this kid knows the consequences a nuclear reactor can have. He also knows the safety measures. This video purely is about kids or anyone to be inspired and follow in his footsteps.

To see Taylor Wilson talk about his Nuclear Fusion Reactor and find his life story click here.



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