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California Lutheran High School Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)


CLHS graduates are…

Christians who can articulate the foundational beliefs of the Lutheran faith, approach all disciplines in the light of this faith, and demonstrate their faith in their lives.

Hard-working learners with the necessary skills to pursue their chosen vocations after graduation.

Analytical and creative thinkers, who gather, synthesize, apply, and assess information.

Well-informed Christian citizens who demonstrate their faith by serving others with meaningful contributions to their congregations and communities.

Knowledgeable communicators who write, speak, and collaborate effectively while making use of current tools.

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The CLHS  biology, chemistry, and physics classes are making blog posts about current events in the world of science. Students post about articles that they hear about or find on the Internet. These short reports give a quick summary of why this article is relevant and give the students opportunities to discuss why they feel a new development in the world of science is interesting. Students make comments on other students posts as well. Each post should contain a link to the original article in case you'd like some more in-depth information.

Check out the posts at: or click the link under QuickLinks.

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Our curriculum is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States. Our curriculum meets or exceeds the requirements set by the state of California.

At CLHS, your student receives a unique education. Not only is it our curriculum an accredited curriculum, it is a curriculum that is Christ-centered. Every subject is taught in the light of God's Word by teachers who care about their Savior and their students. 

CLHS offers a college prep curriculum that is approved by the state of California as meeting its entrance requirements. All students must carry a minimum of twenty-nine credit per semester. Two hundred thirty-two credits are required for graduation. The following requirements must be met for graduation: 

  • Two years of math
    • College-bound students should take math through Advanced Math I or Algebra I, II, and Geometry
  • One year of foreign language or one fine/performing art course
    • College-bound students are required to take two years of a foreign language and one year of a fine/performing art course
  • Two years of science
    • College-bound students are required to take three years of science
  • 262 credits are required for graduation; a minimum of 29 credits is required per semester.
For specific course offerings, please see our Course Pages under the Academics section.
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